Secrets & Obsessions

My horoscope hit the nail on the head.

Is there a secret you're obsessed with unveiling, Aquarius? Something strange could be going on in your neighborhood, or it might be an intellectual puzzle. Whatever it is, you're determined to discover the truth. You may do things you wouldn't normally do. Don't be too pushy with questions. Confine your research to books, newspapers, and the web. You can find a few clues without alienating anyone.

"Daily Horoscope." 2 Feb. 2015. Web.

There is a secret I'm obsessed with unveiling. It is an intellectual puzzle. I'm determined to discover the truth about my seventh great grandfather, Robert McKune. I wouldn't normally contact a distant cousin on Facebook. I asked a question about Robert's military records. I usually confine my research to books and newspapers republished on the web.