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Dream Log Entry 145

I was working on a large submarine with humans and androids. Some of the androids looked like Asian women. The sub dived. The guy next to me was unconscious because his pressurized mask was broken. I revived him by placing the air tube in his mouth. The sub resurfaced on a British heritage coast. The captain and his crew visited a large historic building. The captain got mad at one of the androids. He threw a heavy stone tablet at her, but he missed. She threw it back and crushed him. She assumed the role of captain.


Dream Log Entry 144

I was in Fox Mulder's garage. Two small robots rolled in, so we shocked them and banged on them until they died.

Dream Log Entry 143

I was visiting a large food court built over a river. It had multiple stories and was very busy. I saw a woman I knew who worked there. We talked about a show called Matchwits. Later, I was looking out a panoramic window and I could see helicopters leaving the building. The pilots had scary faces painted on their helmets. One of the helicopters crashed and exploded. I ran to the other side of the building as evacuation began.


Dream Log Entry 142

It was a sunny day in New Orleans. The streets were busy. I saw Dan leading a parade. I took a picture of him. His clothing appeared in the image, but he did not. I realized that he must have been a vampire, but I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t affected by the sunlight.

Dream Log Entry 141

It was 1891. There was panic because a woman had shot and killed a prominent European politician. Her wanted poster said she was born in 1871 in Alabama to a Jewish Italian family named Odolfi. It was my job to help her evade capture.



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