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Dream Log Entry 120

My dad had casts on both of his arms. I watched a cyberpunk yé-yé video with my stepmom. I got into an argument with her about jackets. Later that evening, I sat at the top of the front steps with a big gun. I defended the house from Martians and xenomorphs.


Dream Log Entry 119

I was using the name Andrew Perry. I was part of a high school cheer squad. Katy Perry was squad captain. The other male cheerleaders were gay. There was a girl who thought I was the squad’s weakest link. There were modeling agencies watching us practice. I was asked to do a shoot in California the next day.

Dream Log Entry 118

There was a long line in front of a local King Soopers because Rihanna and Lady Gaga were about to perform there. I saw a few kids with mohawks. I also saw people like Cole, Daniel, and Teena. Teena was there with her boyfriend but they didn’t sit together. Teena sat in the row in front of me. There were drag queens fighting each other on stage during Rihanna’s performance. I saw Teena and her boyfriend leave in a white car after the show.

Dream Log Entry 117

I was carrying a dead possum and a shotgun through a snowy marsh. There were polar bears with cubs on the left and lions with cubs on the right. I didn’t shoot any because I thought it would provoke an attack. I made it past the bears and lions and found myself at the edge of a gorge. I thought I saw two fairies flying in the gorge but it turned out to be guys with jet packs. I took pictures of them but they didn’t come out very well because my camera was too slow. The guys followed me home where they were interviewed by Jay Leno. The guys were brothers and they both had prosthetic feet.

Dream Log Entry 116

Part One

I was working at Wilbur’s, a liquor store, again. It was very stressful, mostly because of all the rowdy customers and their dogs. I was in the back room when The Photo Atlas came out of the beer cooler. I noticed their drummer, Joshua, getting along well with Teena. I talked to Stella about movies and vacations.

Part Two

I was in some kind of post-apocalyptic Arvada because the only other person around was my angry, muscular shadow aspect. We fought each other using balls of chi energy. I showered after the battle.


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