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Dream Log Entry 135

I went to a test screening of a film directed by Glenn Hetrick. The film begins with a man riding his bike into the forest. There he meets a nude, pregnant woman. He becomes the child's stepfather. The child is tragically killed on its first birthday. The man goes back in time and returns to the forest. It doesn't really work out the second time around.

Dream Log Entry 134

I watched a show called Fong An. It was about a little girl who could be described as a witch. Making heads disappear and reappear was one of her supernatural abilities. Children were entranced by her and their parents wanted to study her.

Dream Log Entry 133

I was a pilot in Western Asia, but my plane was missing. There were many people around, but I only found one who spoke English. He said he would get me home if we stopped in Haiti on the way. We visited a displacement camp. The living conditions were poor, but the residents managed to make beautiful art and music.

Dream Log Entry 132

I was in Brisbane, in competition with a woman. We were carrying 4.5 meter logs through treetops. We pulled thin black snakes out of our backpacks. They were 1.5 meters long and they had knots tied in their necks. The woman was bitten and disqualified. I was told to squeeze the snake between the head and the knot so it wouldn't bite.


Dream Log Entry 131

I was on a small plane with some other students. We were coming back from Europe. Gabe said his foot got cut off, so we made an emergency landing on a road south of Fort Collins. Other people would've gotten off, but the pilot said we had to fly back to Denver.



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