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Dream Log Entry 144

I was in Fox Mulder's garage. Two small robots rolled in, so we shocked them and banged on them until they died.

Dream Log Entry 125

Gabe and I were jumping on rooftops in a small village. At dusk, we got some flashlights walked along the paved pathway north of town. We eventually came to a building resembling a modern Egyptian temple. It had glass windows and was lit by torches. In the basement, we saw a group of statues and soon realized they were people frozen in place. I immediately thought of Medusa. Mud worked its way up my legs, quickly covering my entire body before drying. I was to remain there indefinitely.

Dream Log Entry 124

Part One

I was at CSU with Teena in the evening. We were part of an auditorium of people watching The Hobbit. In this version, Gollum was afraid of the Roosevelt and Kennedy families. There was a man in the auditorium selling hand-rolled cigars filled with common culinary herbs. I’m not a smoker but I decided to try one anyway. It was easy to light but difficult to smoke. There were enough people smoking to signal the fire alarm, so the movie was cancelled.

Part Two

I was home alone. My room was on the third floor. I found an aquarium containing strange animals. Fish started floating in the air and out the window. A floating cat followed. I was able to photograph the cat.

Dream Log Entry 115

I went to a large hotel in Calgary. There were places inside selling Barbies, Legos, and haircuts. I went to the free NHL game next door, Edmonton at Calgary. There were topless cheerleaders on the ice.

Dream Log Entry 108

I was walking down a large flight of stairs at my high school. Shira was walking in front of me. An Italian version of “The Star‑Spangled Banner” came over the loudspeakers. The cafeteria was set up for everyone to play poker. I tried to leave because I didn’t want to play. I was placed in a holding cell with Lieutenant Jim Dangle. He was wearing a green uniform. Someone set us free even though he wasn’t supposed to. I went outside and saw a bear in the dark parking lot.


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