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Dream Log Entry 135

I went to a test screening of a film directed by Glenn Hetrick. The film begins with a man riding his bike into the forest. There he meets a nude, pregnant woman. He becomes the child's stepfather. The child is tragically killed on its first birthday. The man goes back in time and returns to the forest. It doesn't really work out the second time around.

Dream Log Entry 129

It was winter at the Eden Project in Cornwall. I was part of a group of students who were sledding. I went inside for lunch. The cafeteria was crowded, but most of the people left a few minutes later. There was a television playing an AFI video. The video showed a blue mermaid being born in Cornwall and a green merman being born in Nova Scotia.

Dream Log Entry 69

Part One

Daniel, Greg, Scott, and Teena each had their own rooms at my dad’s house. Daniel complained about my dad’s behavior and played with Piglet dolls. Greg played games on his PSP, and Scott drank sparkling wine. Teena hid herself in her room most of the time.

Part Two

I watched a movie called Faith with Scott. It was about a ghost who gets impregnated by God. Every time the ghost sees a fountain she jumps in and lifts up her skirt.

Part Three

I was dining with a middle-aged man in a busy restaurant. I told him about the movie I watched, which greatly offended him. He carried me down the stairs and threw me out of the restaurant. There was an old phone attached to the side of the building so I used it to try and get a different table, this time with two strangers. They served me pink and yellow steak while I was standing at the bar.

Dream Log Entry 58

I went to Texas to visit Phil Acevedo of A Beautiful Lotus fame. He was running a very successful Halloween store and he also had the ability to make custom shirts in less than 60 seconds. Then Shi wanted to go buy some chewing tobacco because somehow she was going to use it to trick her father into thinking that tobacco is what made the Devil impregnate her.

Dream Log Entry 51

I gave birth to a poodle and then I went to a picnic and poured myself a glass of rosé and Teena showed up so I went looking for a matching glass for her but she didn’t drink any because she was too tired. Then I went to the same hot springs that I had met Mistah F.A.B. at once and there was a Celtic lady following me around. Then I went to a Weezer concert at the Pepsi Center and I started giving candy bars to random people and you could pay $4500 to have a room in the Pepsi Center demolished.


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