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Dream Log Entry 138

There was a disturbing, bloody video that went viral. It showed a girl swearing at a boy and shoving him down the stairs at her school. I went to work at Wilbur's. The employees were wearing military uniforms and carrying knives. There wasn't much for me to do because there had been a sewage backup. Jeff was surprised that I knew most of the lyrics to a Danzig song. There was a power outage, but I was still able to help a customer find sparkling wine. Danny Trejo picked me up and drove me to our secret headquarters. I soul-danced while walking up to the door. Rosario Dawson was waiting inside.

Dream Log Entry 131

I was on a small plane with some other students. We were coming back from Europe. Gabe said his foot got cut off, so we made an emergency landing on a road south of Fort Collins. Other people would've gotten off, but the pilot said we had to fly back to Denver.


Dream Log Entry 126

Part One

I crossed the train and foot bridge over Spring Creek on my walk to and from school. One day, I watched as a blizzard derailed the train and a flood destroyed the bridge. I looked for an alternate route in tunnels underground.

Part Two

Conan O’Brien was my father and he was getting married in Texas. Conan and his bride passed out during the ceremony, so I was the only entertainment in the church. I had a box of props, but my jokes weren’t as funny as those yelled out from the audience.

Dream Log Entry 124

Part One

I was at CSU with Teena in the evening. We were part of an auditorium of people watching The Hobbit. In this version, Gollum was afraid of the Roosevelt and Kennedy families. There was a man in the auditorium selling hand-rolled cigars filled with common culinary herbs. I’m not a smoker but I decided to try one anyway. It was easy to light but difficult to smoke. There were enough people smoking to signal the fire alarm, so the movie was cancelled.

Part Two

I was home alone. My room was on the third floor. I found an aquarium containing strange animals. Fish started floating in the air and out the window. A floating cat followed. I was able to photograph the cat.

Dream Log Entry 123

It was the solstice and the first day of summer school. Gabe sat to my left. He talked but no one listened. Teena came late and sat to my right. She was wearing a red sundress. Our class was outside. It was an economics class with a focus on drugs. It had two young male teachers. After class, Teena and I went for a walk. We came to a cornfield and noticed a lunar eclipse.



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