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Dream Log Entry 39

Part One

Scott, Krystal, and I had an apartment in Ingersoll Hall with room for drums. There was a shit-eating donkey in the front yard and a monkey who could walk through glass. The monkey came in the front window and turned into a black bird with pearly light blue under its wings and landed on my head a few times. Then it went out the back window and was attacked by my cat on the roof. It didn’t take much to kill the bird.

Part Two

Teena had a helicopter that flew like Boba Fett’s Slave I and made holes in skyscrapers when it flew through them. There were also giant robots.

Dream Log Entry 37

I was in downtown Fort Collins, which looked more like New York City. I went into a store, but didn’t see anything good. As I was trying to leave, two men who ran the store decided to give me a free bed. Somehow that proved to them that I hadn’t stolen anything. Then I found myself in some kind of opening ceremony exhibition at a large fashion school. There were thousands of student models, male and female, in a sort of catwalk that spiraled and spanned several floors. Afterward we all sat in rows as the teachers gave their formal introduction. Then Kristin and I explored the dormitories. We saw Kelly but then she went for a quick walk outside and discussed something important with some emo kid. She came back inside and started walking around talking on her phone. Then I went to the tenth floor with the black guy from my psychology class so we could see where she was going. We watched and to our surprise she turned into a penny. I ran to the nearest elevator and almost closed it on the other guy but then changed my mind. It was probably the fastest elevator ever. I picked up the penny and one near it just in case. Then I saw Ross and a CS nerd and we discussed Java and C++. then the CS guy showed me a video of Greg on his camcorder.


Dream Log Entry 36

I told everyone that Between the Buried and Me was going to play at CSU and it was true except Hayley Williams of Paramore was filling in for Tommy Rogers. After they played in front of the Clark Building I kissed her on each cheek and then ran off because I was late for class and I became even more late because I kept forgetting my books. The school had very complex architecture.

Dream Log Entry 30

My computer science class was shipwrecked in Minneapolis. We discovered an island of Asian people whose life spans were only 60 days at which point they turned albino, got a bloody nose, and died. They had very complex wooden structures.

Dream Log Entry 29

Mark and I were riding in a reversible five door van in the mountains on the way back from a field trip in California. The driver kept driving on the wrong side of the road. We went through a bridge over the Colorado River, Californians were on the west side and villagers were on the east side. Suddenly a hundred-foot wave came downstream and crashed over the metallic bridge. The action was repeated until the bridge was destroyed which sent everyone into a panic. We kept driving until Mark had to go to the bathroom so we stopped and then came the incidents with the adult magazines, fire candy drink, and Hot Topic machine. Then Mark and I took his car and met up with Amanda and Stephanie and I gave Amanda a great big hug then the four of us went down to the river. Amanda and Stephanie were reading CSU brochures when a giant yellow sun with a face and a zodiac flair emerged from the river followed by a brown moon in the same fashion. Then a whirlpool appeared and from it a series of waves increasing in size came upstream.


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