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Dream Log Entry 28

Hannah, Jeska, and I watched Bryan and 20 other guys walk off the roof of my dorm without getting hurt. Then I stopped by Cole’s dorm room. Then I walked my bike around some empty buildings in Boulder. Then I went outside. Hannah and Jeska were at the farmers' market. Then I went to work where Christine, Daniel, and my mom were searching for a particular wine. Then I went to the new Thrashin’ Manor but the new people were dumb and I forgot my shoes and hat so I went into a girls bathroom that was occupied. Then Nikki and Britty took pictures of Hannah and me making out in a corner.

Dream Log Entry 24

I left my dorm at night because I was bored because everyone was taking pictures of each other from their balconies (I started it). I went to a Native American gift shop where they were selling posters of aliens and of Fred Astaire playing Macbeth. The next day Andrea, Scott, and I went to visit my dad at his cabin in Pagosa Springs where there was snow on the ground but at the same time it was surprisingly warm. People were reading aloud to each other on the roof where you could see mountains, lakes, and trees for miles but I didn’t like the view so that night I shot and killed a bunch of army guys in the snow. Then Bill and I put Silly String on our faces.

Dream Log Entry 23

Scott or Greg and I were driving through the desert at night when a radio ad came on that said we had to buy their Bill Cosby compilation because he was going to pay somebody to kill him. So we got out and started our fire and fed it popcorn and eggs. There was also something about CSU being a very large graveyard.

Dream Log Entry 21

Part One

I was stacking pudding containers in the Pepsi factory next to the Coke factory next to Daniel’s old house. There were three old people who worked there who were always complaining: a tall skinny man, a short fat man, and a woman.

Part Two

There was a blizzard during a football game on the CSU campus but the only place left to stay was a hotel in New Mexico. The next morning I bought three articles of clothing from the gift shop and went to check out but there were things on the contract that I didn’t understand. I walked out to my car and saw lots of dead birds. I realized that this was caused by birds drinking sugar water from the bird feeder, then flying into the window and breaking their necks.

Dream Log Entry 16

Part One

While it was snowing there was lightning that looked like lava fireworks. My aunt was living in a small house. People trying to kill us chased us back there and we watched Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Part Two

I was in the cafeteria at Lesher Junior High arguing about handwriting with Michael and Ross. There were a bunch of people on the streets of Fort Collins in colorful robes who were stabbing each other, throwing rocks at each other, and making the ground bloody.


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