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Dream Log Entry 135

I went to a test screening of a film directed by Glenn Hetrick. The film begins with a man riding his bike into the forest. There he meets a nude, pregnant woman. He becomes the child's stepfather. The child is tragically killed on its first birthday. The man goes back in time and returns to the forest. It doesn't really work out the second time around.

Dream Log Entry 127

I was in a car with my dad. He was driving and joking about Mitt Romney bringing Pope Francis to Colorado. A few cars were driving the wrong way on our side of the median. One of them collided with a school bus. The bus pulled into a parking lot and we followed. The bus wasn’t carrying children. Instead, it was full of elderly women. None of the women were injured. My dad and I went into the nearest business. After making a small purchase, we noticed a movie playing. Vincent Cassel played a French immigrant living in the Territory of Utah in 1890. He and his wife were bathing with their two daughters in a small tub.

Dream Log Entry 111

I was living with my mom in downtown Denver. My dad came to stay with us one night. We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. I went to the grocery store the next day. Teena was there. We talked about the low-quality Mexican and Italian food at the store. My school was next to the grocery store. I noticed that Shira had signed up for a trip to Israel. The trip was for girls only.

Dream Log Entry 97

I went to the theater and saw Horton Hears a Who! with my dad and stepmom. I sat in the middle next to my stepmom and my dad sat on the left side of the theater. My dad wanted to buy me some orange Jell-O after the movie. He and the young female cashier got mad when I told them I’m allergic to oranges and orange soda. Then my dad drove me to Missouri and dropped me off at an old house that was now being used as a restaurant. I had a job there as the new cook. Later that day (my birthday) I was sitting on a bench outside with some Missouri kids. The guy on the radio said it was his birthday. He also said Paul Simon died. The Missouri kids didn’t know who Paul Simon was so I started singing “Mrs. Robinson” but I messed up some of the lyrics.

Dream Log Entry 96

I went to see Tron: Legacy in 3D at the theater with Mark, Max, and my mom’s side of the family. They didn’t give us any 3D glasses. The first half of the movie was nothing like I expected. It was animated but not computer-animated and it was about naked women who had the ability to fly. During the intermission, my aunt told us how much she liked the first half and Mark asked me to get him some ice water. They had rainbow-colored water for sale. The cashier was a young woman who wanted to charge me $20 for two drinks. Luckily the manager came and straightened things out.


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