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Dream Log Entry 145

I was working on a large submarine with humans and androids. Some of the androids looked like Asian women. The sub dived. The guy next to me was unconscious because his pressurized mask was broken. I revived him by placing the air tube in his mouth. The sub resurfaced on a British heritage coast. The captain and his crew visited a large historic building. The captain got mad at one of the androids. He threw a heavy stone tablet at her, but he missed. She threw it back and crushed him. She assumed the role of captain.


Dream Log Entry 144

I was in Fox Mulder's garage. Two small robots rolled in, so we shocked them and banged on them until they died.

Dream Log Entry 141

It was 1891. There was panic because a woman had shot and killed a prominent European politician. Her wanted poster said she was born in 1871 in Alabama to a Jewish Italian family named Odolfi. It was my job to help her evade capture.


Dream Log Entry 140

I was working for a large digging corporation in a dry, mountainous part of Mexico. The digging vehicles were bigger than most houses. I spotted some woolly mammoth, and enjoyed watching them, until two of the diggers destroyed their habitat.

Dream Log Entry 135

I went to a test screening of a film directed by Glenn Hetrick. The film begins with a man riding his bike into the forest. There he meets a nude, pregnant woman. He becomes the child's stepfather. The child is tragically killed on its first birthday. The man goes back in time and returns to the forest. It doesn't really work out the second time around.


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