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Dream Log Entry 128

I visited a botanic garden in Denver with my family. Then we looked at the old row houses for sale nearby. They were white with red doors. I was supposed to meet the Mafia at 2:25. I suggested we meet at 2:45. Big trucks pulled up outside the row houses. I received a typed letter indicating their displeasure. I was shot in the chest, then I fell to the floor.


Dream Log Entry 117

I was carrying a dead possum and a shotgun through a snowy marsh. There were polar bears with cubs on the left and lions with cubs on the right. I didn’t shoot any because I thought it would provoke an attack. I made it past the bears and lions and found myself at the edge of a gorge. I thought I saw two fairies flying in the gorge but it turned out to be guys with jet packs. I took pictures of them but they didn’t come out very well because my camera was too slow. The guys followed me home where they were interviewed by Jay Leno. The guys were brothers and they both had prosthetic feet.

Dream Log Entry 114

I was staying in room 590 at the Brown Palace Hotel. My mom told me she once saw a ghost while staying in the same room. While showering, I pulled back the curtain and looked in the mirror. The reflection showed a bloody young woman showering in place of me. She had red hair. I got the impression that her name was Amber Brown.

Dream Log Entry 107

We arrived at the cabin around dinner time. I spotted small gravestones for two men named John Champion, but I don’t think they were related to me. We went inside and I saw a bear on the other side of the window. No one believed me until it came inside. The bear was the same height as our standard poodle. It chewed on the poodle’s snout until I distracted it by throwing my chicken sandwich outside. We sat at the table for dessert. We each had our own shortcake; none of us had toppings. I ate a quarter of mine. I continued to sit at the table while some guy drew a picture of me. He was very talented.

Dream Log Entry 105

Cassie and I were crawling through small tunnels in Ireland. The tunnels led to a very wet cave where a large snake lived. The snake talked and had a feminine voice. She invited us to dinner in her dimly lit cave. She served red wine, lettuce soup, and meat from human children. She used chopsticks and we used silverware. Then I went to a different part of the cave where I had a seated water gun fight with LeBron James and two other men. This event had a small audience.


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