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Dream Log Entry 103

My mom left me at my grandparents’ house with a seven-foot bear. She also left a noisy coyote pup in the closet. The bear got sick of the noise so he killed the coyote and left its bones on the floor. My mom returned and I sat on a loveseat with her. My grandparents sat on separate couches. We were listening to War From A Harlots Mouth but my grandpa turned it off after a few songs and switched to bagpipe music.

Dream Log Entry 101

Part One

People in a large dimly lit hotel kept running around trying to kill each other. They used things like axes, guns, and mace to do so. Innocent bystanders had their legs chopped off at the knees.

Part Two

There was an assembly in an auditorium. I had my arm around Teena during the movie. Everyone stood up for the national anthem; they quickly sat back down when they found out that it was for deaf students only. Many people sat down in a different row, including Teena. The assembly ended and she tried to ignore me while exiting the auditorium.

Dream Log Entry 100

The world had been set up so that everyone could move freely between the real world and a virtual world. Avant-garde fashion was the norm in the virtual world. I was watching space cartoons in the real world with my mom at her house when meteors came raining down outside. The meteors were bright red so they must have been some kind of silicate. The meteor storm lasted days but the house suffered no damage. Grass and asphalt were burned away. Mist rings emanated from the meteorites before they were cool enough to touch. There were thousands of environmental refugees and hunting with night vision was a necessary part of survival. Some people wanted everyone to live in the virtual world all the time because conditions in the real world were so miserable. I decided to move to California since there had been no meteor storm in that state.

Dream Log Entry 99

It was a cold night and there was snow on the ground. I was living in a dirty house with a few other guys, but they were sleeping. I was getting ready to leave and I had to make sure all the doors were locked, just like someone with OCD. I started looking in my neighbors’ windows, but I didn’t see anything that interested me, so I decided to walk around the mall. There were many girls shopping but I didn’t see anything worth buying. I rode the escalators a few times, then I explored the “Employees Only” part of the mall. There were narrow halls with brown carpeting. I noticed an attractive girl walking ahead of me. Her hair was auburn, long, and in a ponytail. She turned around and I immediately recognized her as Cassie. She said she had a friend named Andy who just died and that she wanted a picture of his body. She handed me a camera and we went outside. His body was on a gurney and he was being ‘guarded’ by two sleeping police officers. Cassie gave me a piggyback ride so I could get a better shot. Andy woke up but it was hard to get a picture of his face because he was moving around so much. He walked into the forest and was never seen again. Then Cassie and I went to the food court with Scott.


Dream Log Entry 97

I went to the theater and saw Horton Hears a Who! with my dad and stepmom. I sat in the middle next to my stepmom and my dad sat on the left side of the theater. My dad wanted to buy me some orange Jell-O after the movie. He and the young female cashier got mad when I told them I’m allergic to oranges and orange soda. Then my dad drove me to Missouri and dropped me off at an old house that was now being used as a restaurant. I had a job there as the new cook. Later that day (my birthday) I was sitting on a bench outside with some Missouri kids. The guy on the radio said it was his birthday. He also said Paul Simon died. The Missouri kids didn’t know who Paul Simon was so I started singing “Mrs. Robinson” but I messed up some of the lyrics.


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