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Dream Log Entry 46

I was playing BloodRayne 4 with Cole and there was this one move that I kept using where I grabbed his avatar’s tongue, threw her up in the air, spun her around, and slammed her back down to the ground. There was one time when his avatar blocked my move with a weird metal arm in her mouth. Then she met a British guy named Ross who regretfully nicknamed her Julie and she told him she didn’t want to be a witch anymore. They found a nurse and Julie handed her some parchment with instructions that will cure someone of being a witch if followed exactly. The nurse did it blindfolded with help from Ross so she wouldn’t have to see anything that might disturb her. One part of the procedure caused Julie’s eyes to burn with a blue flame and when you zoomed in on them each eye was a burning field in which chickens and foxes and guys in suits were falling over and dying. Once everyone in the field was dead they (my classmates and I) got up and went back inside. All of the music in the game was written by Danny Elfman.

Dream Log Entry 45

There was a weird hospital in the middle of the desert where old ladies were giving massages and tarot readings. There were also some sick girls in bed whose bodies would rapidly mummify and when they died they were turned into tires and shipped off in a train but the train and track kept falling apart.

Dream Log Entry 44

Part One

There was a really big park and kids were hunting giant endangered bears like cavemen while their moms watched. Then we walked over to a wedding and most of the kids weren’t holding their plates correctly so food was falling off. Someone thought it would be a good idea if the 15,000 guests formed two lines for a picture but they kept wanting to move the lines back and forth and people were falling over and getting crushed. Emily’s toe got cut off and rolled down a drain. It was basically the most disastrous wedding ever.

Part Two

They were launching the world’s first flying cars which seemed more like hot air balloons connected with a giant rope but one of them crashed and made a giant splash south of town.

Part Three

Everyone thought a Christian guy was cloning babies and feeding people their brains in a restaurant (they had the color and texture of shrimp) but it turns out he was creating the babies from scratch.

Dream Log Entry 41

My mom, Jane, Hannah, and I were sitting on the floor of a hallway in a strange hospital. My mom said this was the last time that I would ever see my youngest and most distant cousin who was singing “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” next to his brother and mother as I was being dragged away. Then, as I was carrying Hannah on my shoulders, Marie walked by. We were looking for my mom’s white Prius in the parking lot but there were multiple ones so we had to wait until some of the other cars left and we spotted it on one of the underground levels. The staff made us call a garbage company and wait in the dirt on the far end of the property as they removed a giant ladder. The wind was blowing sand in everyone’s ears and I started singing the bassline to “Miss Murder” to pass the time. The staff explained that this parking garage had been featured in a really bad movie called Sam Cooper. Instead of going back to the car with the others I found a talking cat and explored the empty garage which we found to be seven stories (or eight including the glass panel roof) but there was a creepy old man walking around on the outside of the roof so I ducked down on the ground.

Dream Log Entry 39

Part One

Scott, Krystal, and I had an apartment in Ingersoll Hall with room for drums. There was a shit-eating donkey in the front yard and a monkey who could walk through glass. The monkey came in the front window and turned into a black bird with pearly light blue under its wings and landed on my head a few times. Then it went out the back window and was attacked by my cat on the roof. It didn’t take much to kill the bird.

Part Two

Teena had a helicopter that flew like Boba Fett’s Slave I and made holes in skyscrapers when it flew through them. There were also giant robots.


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