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Dream Log Entry 21

Part One

I was stacking pudding containers in the Pepsi factory next to the Coke factory next to Daniel’s old house. There were three old people who worked there who were always complaining: a tall skinny man, a short fat man, and a woman.

Part Two

There was a blizzard during a football game on the CSU campus but the only place left to stay was a hotel in New Mexico. The next morning I bought three articles of clothing from the gift shop and went to check out but there were things on the contract that I didn’t understand. I walked out to my car and saw lots of dead birds. I realized that this was caused by birds drinking sugar water from the bird feeder, then flying into the window and breaking their necks.

Dream Log Entry 20

This dream was just like an episode of Medium mixed with Scooby‑Doo but without the stupid dad and the baby. The crime scene was 25 feet below my front yard and the case involved evil judges and crematorium workers.

Dream Log Entry 14

Part One

I was in China with two female vet students from America. The vet hospital was abandoned except for an evil male professor from China. One of the students was pregnant and the professor tried to steal the baby so I killed him by stepping on his neck. The baby turned into a broken hard boiled egg so I called 911.

Part Two

There was a party in the basement of Thrashin’ Manor. Cole passed out and hit his head on a coffee table and a toddler appeared on top of him and claimed to be him.

Dream Log Entry 12

Rachel’s best friend died a tragic death comparable to that of Emily Keyes. On the sunny day of the funeral, in a fit of depression, Rachel tried to kill her older sister Amanda, herself, and myself with a knife. Rachel was also in an early term of pregnancy.

Dream Log Entry 7

There’s an old apartment building with an undead baby girl with a face painted like an antique doll. Her face is painted differently every time I visit. Someone seems to be painting a height chart for her, though she never appears to grow. I follow her around to various apartments and this time one had a screaming hairy brown dog with a face that had shockingly human features.


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