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Dream Log Entry 75

My aunt got 30 new pools in her backyard but her customers were not pleased because only one of them was clothing-optional. Then everyone at the pool got into teams and dressed up like ancient warriors. Daniel and I were on the Roman team. The battle began and our heads were chopped off almost instantly. Our spirits decided to go to a nearby building that was supposedly haunted by celebrity ghosts. The interior was dazzling, the walls and floors were in constant motion. There was some kind of secret church service going on and typewriters were the only form of communication.

Dream Log Entry 71

My mom and I were driving in the mountains and we came across a large cemetery that had many visitors. The newer part of the cemetery didn’t have enough room for gravestones so ribbons were hung on the face of a cliff. We tried using a ladder to read the ribbons but the ladder kept falling because the cliff was too steep. There was a small statue in the older part of the cemetery that was very famous. One of my French ancestors from La Ferté-Macé must have carved the statue because their name was engraved on the back.


Dream Log Entry 69

Part One

Daniel, Greg, Scott, and Teena each had their own rooms at my dad’s house. Daniel complained about my dad’s behavior and played with Piglet dolls. Greg played games on his PSP, and Scott drank sparkling wine. Teena hid herself in her room most of the time.

Part Two

I watched a movie called Faith with Scott. It was about a ghost who gets impregnated by God. Every time the ghost sees a fountain she jumps in and lifts up her skirt.

Part Three

I was dining with a middle-aged man in a busy restaurant. I told him about the movie I watched, which greatly offended him. He carried me down the stairs and threw me out of the restaurant. There was an old phone attached to the side of the building so I used it to try and get a different table, this time with two strangers. They served me pink and yellow steak while I was standing at the bar.

Dream Log Entry 68

The power was out at night and there was gang violence in my neighborhood. Gang members were going into people’s houses and placing small boxy devices in strategic places on the floor. We thought the devices were bombs so we destroyed them with our shotgun. Later on I was in the basement looking for a good place to hide. Eventually my parents came home and told me the boxes were really recording devices. The dog kept interrupting us by biting me and jumping all over the place. This was his way of letting us know that he is old and about to die. A few minutes later his body disappeared and his lifeless head was all that remained. Then my dad threw his head across the room and blood splattered all over the floor. This made us very mad at him.

Dream Log Entry 59

We read in the paper that a man on horseback had entered our house and killed somebody. This wasn’t true so we went to court to fight it. While we were in court a mummy lady from space came protected by Stormtroopers. She created a black hole that was slowly devouring the Earth and would eventually swallow the Sun. Then society started falling apart. Some people liked to fly up and down cliffs with their jet packs. Other people joined cults dedicated to ‘music’ where they were painted either silver or gold and were raped and murdered and had their bodies dumped in an indoor swimming pool.



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