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Dream Log Entry 57

In the Gobi desert a woman killed a horse with the fetus inside. The fetus tried to escape but the woman forced it to eat part of its dead mother. Then the fetus was chopped up and served as a delicacy.

Dream Log Entry 53

Part One

It was nighttime in a parking lot and Seth found some cop’s gun. He ‘accidentally’ shot Teena in the shoulder even though we were both watching her when he did it.

Part Two

Scott and I were on a boat in the ocean in Japan that had a restaurant on it with a long line to the counter. Clear fish kept jumping on the deck and when you put them in chlorine they turned into lizards and you could crack them open and eat their gooey centers. When we finally got to the counter they didn’t have any unagi but I guess that makes sense because unagi is freshwater eel.

Part Three

I was about to drive to a concert with Austin and Sage and some other guy but wasps were flying around in my car.

Dream Log Entry 50

There was some kind of nuclear accident or attack and more than half of the people in the United States were dead. The inside and outside of every building and even the streets and sidewalks were covered with a layer of ice crystals that stung to the touch. So the resilient survivors formed a community garden.


Dream Log Entry 48

Alysse asked me to a dance but the crowd she usually hung out with was plotting against Pete Wentz who was scheduled to perform. We found the black slimy aliens they were going to use to kill him but we destroyed them before they were able to attach themselves to their lower halves.

Dream Log Entry 47

The ghost of a little brown-haired girl kept crawling across the floor of an elementary school gymnasium in Asia. Finally they captured her and she screamed but they were able to find out that her body was being held in an underground brothel beneath a run down gas station in the Nevada desert; the entrance was revealed by tilting a bench.


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