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Dream Log Entry 95

Part One

I was in the mountains with my mom and we were looking for hot springs. We climbed down waterfalls and found some. My mom thought they were too sulfurous to soak in but I didn’t mind because I had nasal congestion. We saw an unfinished statue of a lynx and we also saw an actual lynx. Then we went to a playground where we were chased by a woolly mammoth and a giraffe.

Part Two

I was killing zombies with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and we were trying to get to some important place. We came to a steep hill with hundreds of zombies on the other side. There were too many for us to fight off with guns so we used a remote control to bring Stephen’s car to our location. The plan was to get in the car and plow through the zombies, but the car could not climb the steep hill.

Dream Log Entry 94

I went to a roller rink in Longmont. I brought my own inline skates but everyone else rented shoes and skates to wear over them. Heshaum sat next to me before they allowed people to skate. There was dramatic lighting and music and a large group of people in formation seemed to be preparing for roller-battle. There were also confusing arrows and lanes painted on the rink. I skated around the rink a few times but I wasn’t very fast because I hadn’t skated in a while. I decided to sit down next to a blonde girl. She asked me if I go to CU; I told her I go to FRCC even though I already have an associate’s degree. We watched the rink employees shred a cow and dump the pieces in a truck. We went outside and saw a lake with an island. The lake was surrounded by colossal sculptures. There was an outdoor bar where they were selling joints and Heather was in a hot tub with a bunch of guys. One of the guys was a werewolf. He seemed to be attracted to me because he gently scratched my knee with his claws.


Dream Log Entry 92

There was an old man sitting at the dining room table. He didn’t move or talk very much. He was supposedly watching over the house while my parents were gone. I saw a woman in the mirror who wasn’t standing next to me. It scared me so much that I tripped and fell on the floor. The old man told me she was a ghost and that he sees ghosts around him all the time. He also said he sees them around me all the time and that they are waiting for us to die.


Dream Log Entry 79

I was in a strange classroom. There a kid who was trying to convince the rest of the class that apostrophes should never be used. Then my high school French teacher gave her lecture. I went back to my dad’s house and there were three cats and no other people. The front yard looked like Boulder and the back yard looked like Fort Collins. I went for a walk in the Fort Collins part and sat down in some grass that wasn’t very green. I noticed a house for sale, the architecture seemed fairly modern. A light gray brick building fell on my dad’s house. I got back from my walk and went in the kitchen. There was a check from my dad on the counter written out to me for only $15. I went back outside to examine the damage in the front yard. Someone had set up rescue ladders near Rex’s house. His garage was on the second floor, the garage door was open and Rex was sitting in his RHD SUV. I moved the ladders out of the way and his car fell upside down onto my new luxury vehicle. I don’t think he survived.

Dream Log Entry 77

There were three sets of washers and dryers in the basement and I was doing laundry. It was about 3:00 in the morning and everyone else was asleep. I went back up to the ground floor and my grandmother was sitting at the dining room table. She did not look very healthy. She said she came to visit because she feared her time was short. Then the rest of the family showed up and everyone was eating kosher salami sandwiches.



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