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Dream Log Entry 111

I was living with my mom in downtown Denver. My dad came to stay with us one night. We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. I went to the grocery store the next day. Teena was there. We talked about the low-quality Mexican and Italian food at the store. My school was next to the grocery store. I noticed that Shira had signed up for a trip to Israel. The trip was for girls only.

Dream Log Entry 110

I was singing Slipknot’s “Duality” while looking for my Jeep in the parking lot at my elementary school. I came across a secret installation where men were experimenting on aliens. I got in trouble for unlocking five doors. Their plan was to extract me from the building through a skylight using telescoping rods. I was hanging from a rod when they decided to frame me for something else by changing my eye color from brown to bright green. I prevented them from doing so by spraying the pouch of green liquid on their faces and on their machines. This gave me a chance to rescue a young female alien, but she, unfortunately, did not wake up.

Dream Log Entry 108

I was walking down a large flight of stairs at my high school. Shira was walking in front of me. An Italian version of “The Star‑Spangled Banner” came over the loudspeakers. The cafeteria was set up for everyone to play poker. I tried to leave because I didn’t want to play. I was placed in a holding cell with Lieutenant Jim Dangle. He was wearing a green uniform. Someone set us free even though he wasn’t supposed to. I went outside and saw a bear in the dark parking lot.

Dream Log Entry 101

Part One

People in a large dimly lit hotel kept running around trying to kill each other. They used things like axes, guns, and mace to do so. Innocent bystanders had their legs chopped off at the knees.

Part Two

There was an assembly in an auditorium. I had my arm around Teena during the movie. Everyone stood up for the national anthem; they quickly sat back down when they found out that it was for deaf students only. Many people sat down in a different row, including Teena. The assembly ended and she tried to ignore me while exiting the auditorium.

Dream Log Entry 97

I went to the theater and saw Horton Hears a Who! with my dad and stepmom. I sat in the middle next to my stepmom and my dad sat on the left side of the theater. My dad wanted to buy me some orange Jell-O after the movie. He and the young female cashier got mad when I told them I’m allergic to oranges and orange soda. Then my dad drove me to Missouri and dropped me off at an old house that was now being used as a restaurant. I had a job there as the new cook. Later that day (my birthday) I was sitting on a bench outside with some Missouri kids. The guy on the radio said it was his birthday. He also said Paul Simon died. The Missouri kids didn’t know who Paul Simon was so I started singing “Mrs. Robinson” but I messed up some of the lyrics.


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