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Dream Log Entry 138

There was a disturbing, bloody video that went viral. It showed a girl swearing at a boy and shoving him down the stairs at her school. I went to work at Wilbur's. The employees were wearing military uniforms and carrying knives. There wasn't much for me to do because there had been a sewage backup. Jeff was surprised that I knew most of the lyrics to a Danzig song. There was a power outage, but I was still able to help a customer find sparkling wine. Danny Trejo picked me up and drove me to our secret headquarters. I soul-danced while walking up to the door. Rosario Dawson was waiting inside.

Dream Log Entry 135

I went to a test screening of a film directed by Glenn Hetrick. The film begins with a man riding his bike into the forest. There he meets a nude, pregnant woman. He becomes the child's stepfather. The child is tragically killed on its first birthday. The man goes back in time and returns to the forest. It doesn't really work out the second time around.

Dream Log Entry 127

I was in a car with my dad. He was driving and joking about Mitt Romney bringing Pope Francis to Colorado. A few cars were driving the wrong way on our side of the median. One of them collided with a school bus. The bus pulled into a parking lot and we followed. The bus wasn’t carrying children. Instead, it was full of elderly women. None of the women were injured. My dad and I went into the nearest business. After making a small purchase, we noticed a movie playing. Vincent Cassel played a French immigrant living in the Territory of Utah in 1890. He and his wife were bathing with their two daughters in a small tub.

Dream Log Entry 126

Part One

I crossed the train and foot bridge over Spring Creek on my walk to and from school. One day, I watched as a blizzard derailed the train and a flood destroyed the bridge. I looked for an alternate route in tunnels underground.

Part Two

Conan O’Brien was my father and he was getting married in Texas. Conan and his bride passed out during the ceremony, so I was the only entertainment in the church. I had a box of props, but my jokes weren’t as funny as those yelled out from the audience.

Dream Log Entry 119

I was using the name Andrew Perry. I was part of a high school cheer squad. Katy Perry was squad captain. The other male cheerleaders were gay. There was a girl who thought I was the squad’s weakest link. There were modeling agencies watching us practice. I was asked to do a shoot in California the next day.


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