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Dream Log Entry 138

There was a disturbing, bloody video that went viral. It showed a girl swearing at a boy and shoving him down the stairs at her school. I went to work at Wilbur's. The employees were wearing military uniforms and carrying knives. There wasn't much for me to do because there had been a sewage backup. Jeff was surprised that I knew most of the lyrics to a Danzig song. There was a power outage, but I was still able to help a customer find sparkling wine. Danny Trejo picked me up and drove me to our secret headquarters. I soul-danced while walking up to the door. Rosario Dawson was waiting inside.

Dream Log Entry 129

It was winter at the Eden Project in Cornwall. I was part of a group of students who were sledding. I went inside for lunch. The cafeteria was crowded, but most of the people left a few minutes later. There was a television playing an AFI video. The video showed a blue mermaid being born in Cornwall and a green merman being born in Nova Scotia.

Dream Log Entry 116

Part One

I was working at Wilbur’s, a liquor store, again. It was very stressful, mostly because of all the rowdy customers and their dogs. I was in the back room when The Photo Atlas came out of the beer cooler. I noticed their drummer, Joshua, getting along well with Teena. I talked to Stella about movies and vacations.

Part Two

I was in some kind of post-apocalyptic Arvada because the only other person around was my angry, muscular shadow aspect. We fought each other using balls of chi energy. I showered after the battle.

Dream Log Entry 110

I was singing Slipknot’s “Duality” while looking for my Jeep in the parking lot at my elementary school. I came across a secret installation where men were experimenting on aliens. I got in trouble for unlocking five doors. Their plan was to extract me from the building through a skylight using telescoping rods. I was hanging from a rod when they decided to frame me for something else by changing my eye color from brown to bright green. I prevented them from doing so by spraying the pouch of green liquid on their faces and on their machines. This gave me a chance to rescue a young female alien, but she, unfortunately, did not wake up.

Dream Log Entry 104

Gabe and I were sitting at a table with a strange new kid. Gabe was mad at him for drawing on the table with a blue crayon. Gabe’s mom removed the crayon marks right away. The kid wanted to know what my favorite small business was. I told him I wasn’t sure because I didn’t get out much. The kid gave me a large bag filled with candy, cookies, and Millionaires cassette tapes. He told me to distribute these things to CSU students in the name of Buddha. Then he got mad when he saw me licking a lollipop in public.


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