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Dream Log Entry 58

I went to Texas to visit Phil Acevedo of A Beautiful Lotus fame. He was running a very successful Halloween store and he also had the ability to make custom shirts in less than 60 seconds. Then Shi wanted to go buy some chewing tobacco because somehow she was going to use it to trick her father into thinking that tobacco is what made the Devil impregnate her.

Dream Log Entry 56

I went to Shira’s house and when her parents went to sleep we went into a tiny basement and listened to a psychobilly and alternative compilation CD. In the morning we ate ravioli and my mom cave over and argued with her parents about the best way to raise special needs children. Then we went to Shira’s little brother’s submarine competition and he won the first round June Fairy award. Then we came back and I talked to her mom about Nirvana and Fall Out Boy.


Dream Log Entry 55

Part One

There was marshland underneath my aunt’s house and it was my job to get some of the water flowing and I was surprised that I didn’t get swept away with the Native American artifacts.

Part Two

Dan and Tim wanted to call their band Sticks & Stones but I told them that name was already taken by like 40,000 other bands.


Dream Log Entry 51

I gave birth to a poodle and then I went to a picnic and poured myself a glass of rosé and Teena showed up so I went looking for a matching glass for her but she didn’t drink any because she was too tired. Then I went to the same hot springs that I had met Mistah F.A.B. at once and there was a Celtic lady following me around. Then I went to a Weezer concert at the Pepsi Center and I started giving candy bars to random people and you could pay $4500 to have a room in the Pepsi Center demolished.

Dream Log Entry 40

Fall Out Boy performed “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” at Wilbur’s Total Beverage and they did it without breaking any wine bottles. Then I went to English class with Gabe. Then Shi and Scott went to the Coheed and Cambria concert separate from me and the girl from Sheep Death because we were singing “A Favor House Atlantic” on giant steps made of cardboard that were about to be recycled and I almost lost the tickets.


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