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Dream Log Entry 36

I told everyone that Between the Buried and Me was going to play at CSU and it was true except Hayley Williams of Paramore was filling in for Tommy Rogers. After they played in front of the Clark Building I kissed her on each cheek and then ran off because I was late for class and I became even more late because I kept forgetting my books. The school had very complex architecture.

Dream Log Entry 31

Part One

We went to that highly exclusive swimming pool in Loveland where you need reservations. I was told that I would be swimming with two men who were longtime friends and somehow I would be involved in a joke where one of them would pretend to be gay but really he just opened up a can of underwater whoop-ass on me. Then I met up with one of my friends near the locker room and she had found over $100 so naturally I asked for it and I was surprised when she gave it to me because I thought she was going to give it to lost and found like some kind of normal person. Then after a series of labyrinthine locker room adventures we decided to escape via the basement. The only exit seemed to be a cement sewer with a hole too small to fit through but I kicked it anyway and it was merely rotting wood and dirt. We emerged in a dry field with a very busy intersection of trains. We spotted a girl walking naked who was soon raped, after that we decided to leave. We crossed into the land of Saosin‑upon‑Flaff at dusk and then ice wolves came down from the steep snowy mountains and killed everyone.

Part Two

I found myself in Yellowstone with my dad and a few other people. After almost losing my hat a few times in the first set of boring geysers we decided to go home. On our way out we saw a new attraction of covered mineral springs with slide entrances each one with its own ‘orientation’ or ‘theme’ and The Fall of Troy was playing at one of them.

Part Three

Cole drove us to a building and we got out and then some random women came to borrow his car. We couldn’t bring his cat into the building so I put a leash on it and it turned into a large colorful toad. An unleashed toad similar to it came and they began to fight but ours was losing because Cole wouldn’t take it off the leash that he was holding. Then the other toad’s owner came and sprayed thick black toad ink in my face.

Dream Log Entry 27

I went to Ray’s house to see about starting up drum lessons again, but he didn’t really play drums anymore because of some kind of injury so he listened to Bukkake Hotlines remixes of Blink-182 songs. He was completely hairless but he also had dog fur all over his body, which is interesting because Leos have a strange obsession with dogs. His sons came in and taunted us but I think they were Bukkake Hotlines.

Dream Log Entry 26

I was discussing my calculus grade with my teacher in my dad’s bedroom. Then I went to see a horrible John Hughes movie with my dad’s side of the family. Then I went to Hot Topic downtown and used my discount to buy a kid some toy mice again. Then I had some difficulty finding my car in the parking lot. Then I went to a party where they played Panic! at the Disco and served lemonade and where every trash bag I took out represented a different musician.

Dream Log Entry 10

On my birthday, I was walking around the cafeteria in my dorm with a really nerdy guy. There were lots of good food and no people. We discovered that NOFX was playing in an adjacent room. The nerdy guy had never heard of them. NOFX had three members and each one was wearing a Marv costume. They finished playing and removed their costumes. One of the members was a female whom we proceeded to fuck.


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