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Dream Log Entry 140

I was working for a large digging corporation in a dry, mountainous part of Mexico. The digging vehicles were bigger than most houses. I spotted some woolly mammoth, and enjoyed watching them, until two of the diggers destroyed their habitat.

Dream Log Entry 137

I went to a coffee shop. Just inside the door, I was surprised to see a group of girls beating up one of their own. They quickly stopped. The beaten girl had black hair and she was looking very gaunt. I remembered her from high school. Another girl from high school, a blonde, asked me for a ride home. She was carrying a plastic bag with a black ant inside. We walked through an old cemetery on the way to my car. I dropped her off and decided to visit my dad. He was cleaning his garage when I pulled up. I pointed out a very big spider. He tried to spray it with poison, but it jumped on his arm, burrowed under the skin, and came back out a few seconds later.


Dream Log Entry 132

I was in Brisbane, in competition with a woman. We were carrying 4.5 meter logs through treetops. We pulled thin black snakes out of our backpacks. They were 1.5 meters long and they had knots tied in their necks. The woman was bitten and disqualified. I was told to squeeze the snake between the head and the knot so it wouldn't bite.


Dream Log Entry 124

Part One

I was at CSU with Teena in the evening. We were part of an auditorium of people watching The Hobbit. In this version, Gollum was afraid of the Roosevelt and Kennedy families. There was a man in the auditorium selling hand-rolled cigars filled with common culinary herbs. I’m not a smoker but I decided to try one anyway. It was easy to light but difficult to smoke. There were enough people smoking to signal the fire alarm, so the movie was cancelled.

Part Two

I was home alone. My room was on the third floor. I found an aquarium containing strange animals. Fish started floating in the air and out the window. A floating cat followed. I was able to photograph the cat.

Dream Log Entry 120

My dad had casts on both of his arms. I watched a cyberpunk yé-yé video with my stepmom. I got into an argument with her about jackets. Later that evening, I sat at the top of the front steps with a big gun. I defended the house from Martians and xenomorphs.



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