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Dream Log Entry 104

Gabe and I were sitting at a table with a strange new kid. Gabe was mad at him for drawing on the table with a blue crayon. Gabe’s mom removed the crayon marks right away. The kid wanted to know what my favorite small business was. I told him I wasn’t sure because I didn’t get out much. The kid gave me a large bag filled with candy, cookies, and Millionaires cassette tapes. He told me to distribute these things to CSU students in the name of Buddha. Then he got mad when he saw me licking a lollipop in public.

Dream Log Entry 101

Part One

People in a large dimly lit hotel kept running around trying to kill each other. They used things like axes, guns, and mace to do so. Innocent bystanders had their legs chopped off at the knees.

Part Two

There was an assembly in an auditorium. I had my arm around Teena during the movie. Everyone stood up for the national anthem; they quickly sat back down when they found out that it was for deaf students only. Many people sat down in a different row, including Teena. The assembly ended and she tried to ignore me while exiting the auditorium.

Dream Log Entry 90

I was leaving Fort Collins High School at night and there were a few fire trucks and police cars on the road. It was light out by the time I got to Teena’s house. She was celebrating her twenty-third birthday. There was a banquet table set up outside and she had the largest and fanciest chair. There were a few other guys sitting at the table and everyone was drinking chocolate milk. She moved her chair closer to mine and invited me to join her on her trip to New England; she would be leaving on Sunday. There was a maid in the kitchen who was washing cups.


Dream Log Entry 89

Fear Before was playing inside the front entrance of a college and some of the kids in the crowd were in elementary school. There was no stage so David Marion performed with the crowd surrounding him. I was as close to him as possible. I went outside during the show and got a text message from Dave urging me to come back. I came back inside and the show had stopped. The crowd had dwindled and those who remained were sad because the show had been disrupted. Dave was gone and the other band members were sitting at the merch table. Nobody was buying. Dave found out that I was back so he returned carrying a head made of plastic.

Dream Log Entry 88

I was in the employees only room at Wilbur’s Total Beverage and the ice maker was full of orange rotten ice because I hadn’t been there in a very long time. John Rzeznik showed up and said I did a good job imitating Goo Goo Dolls on a CD he found on the floor. I took the highway home but traffic wasn’t very good because it was raining and snowing. My mom’s car was behind mine in a traffic jam. We got out of our cars and decided to walk the rest of the way home. We saw Abby studying in an empty outdoor restaurant. She must have been there because school had been cancelled due to weather. The weather cleared up and Carly was gardening; she lived across the street from us. Both of our yards had large stones with the same engraved symbol. The door to my room was locked. A strange girl opened the door and she was in the middle of recording her webcam series. I joined her and introduced myself as Andrew Champion, Toyota employee. She was doing a lot silly things on her show, like putting paint in her hair. We couldn’t stop giggling the entire time.


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