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Dream Log Entry 80

Part One

Poudre School District gave packets of photographs to former students. There was also an anti-drug speech.

Part Two

Adrian and Daniel were on their way to Winter Park Resort. They got on the chairlift but were quickly notified of a damaged part of the mechanism.


Dream Log Entry 79

I was in a strange classroom. There a kid who was trying to convince the rest of the class that apostrophes should never be used. Then my high school French teacher gave her lecture. I went back to my dad’s house and there were three cats and no other people. The front yard looked like Boulder and the back yard looked like Fort Collins. I went for a walk in the Fort Collins part and sat down in some grass that wasn’t very green. I noticed a house for sale, the architecture seemed fairly modern. A light gray brick building fell on my dad’s house. I got back from my walk and went in the kitchen. There was a check from my dad on the counter written out to me for only $15. I went back outside to examine the damage in the front yard. Someone had set up rescue ladders near Rex’s house. His garage was on the second floor, the garage door was open and Rex was sitting in his RHD SUV. I moved the ladders out of the way and his car fell upside down onto my new luxury vehicle. I don’t think he survived.

Dream Log Entry 66

I was part of a Cirque du Soleil esque performance in an auditorium that resembled the one at Lesher Junior High. Hannah and Heather were also performing but Hannah was mad because Heather was improvising too much.


Dream Log Entry 46

I was playing BloodRayne 4 with Cole and there was this one move that I kept using where I grabbed his avatar’s tongue, threw her up in the air, spun her around, and slammed her back down to the ground. There was one time when his avatar blocked my move with a weird metal arm in her mouth. Then she met a British guy named Ross who regretfully nicknamed her Julie and she told him she didn’t want to be a witch anymore. They found a nurse and Julie handed her some parchment with instructions that will cure someone of being a witch if followed exactly. The nurse did it blindfolded with help from Ross so she wouldn’t have to see anything that might disturb her. One part of the procedure caused Julie’s eyes to burn with a blue flame and when you zoomed in on them each eye was a burning field in which chickens and foxes and guys in suits were falling over and dying. Once everyone in the field was dead they (my classmates and I) got up and went back inside. All of the music in the game was written by Danny Elfman.

Dream Log Entry 40

Fall Out Boy performed “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” at Wilbur’s Total Beverage and they did it without breaking any wine bottles. Then I went to English class with Gabe. Then Shi and Scott went to the Coheed and Cambria concert separate from me and the girl from Sheep Death because we were singing “A Favor House Atlantic” on giant steps made of cardboard that were about to be recycled and I almost lost the tickets.


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