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Dream Log Entry 33

Jenna Jameson became pregnant but an extra sperm cell became trapped inside the combined cells which caused her baby to have clear skin and no bones or muscles. You could see its blood pumping through its veins. It couldn’t talk because it didn’t have any bones. The doctors replaced its skull with that of a crocodile which made it look like Alien Resurrection. One day it started talking and they discovered that it had grown its own bones and normal skin, muscles, etc. It grew into a handsome man who married a beautiful alien and they had a daughter but the government kept sending little girl robots to capture the daughter.

Dream Log Entry 14

Part One

I was in China with two female vet students from America. The vet hospital was abandoned except for an evil male professor from China. One of the students was pregnant and the professor tried to steal the baby so I killed him by stepping on his neck. The baby turned into a broken hard boiled egg so I called 911.

Part Two

There was a party in the basement of Thrashin’ Manor. Cole passed out and hit his head on a coffee table and a toddler appeared on top of him and claimed to be him.

Dream Log Entry 12

Rachel’s best friend died a tragic death comparable to that of Emily Keyes. On the sunny day of the funeral, in a fit of depression, Rachel tried to kill her older sister Amanda, herself, and myself with a knife. Rachel was also in an early term of pregnancy.

Dream Log Entry 9

A man was swimming underwater with a mermaid. He was on his way to rob a huge bank in Chicago, where they also had a huge jail surrounded by sports stadiums. The mermaid told the man to calm giant amœba mothers by talking to them. Finally the man and the mermaid were alone, they were in love but they couldn't be together, because they could only communicate underwater. The man left to rob the bank and the sad mermaid felt lonely even though she was pregnant. Then I saw a bird with a long skinny neck that acted like a cat.


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