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Dream Log Entry 140

I was working for a large digging corporation in a dry, mountainous part of Mexico. The digging vehicles were bigger than most houses. I spotted some woolly mammoth, and enjoyed watching them, until two of the diggers destroyed their habitat.

Dream Log Entry 139

Scott and I skied from Fort Collins to Denver. On the way back, our bindings broke. We bought some rubber bands to keep our skis on.

Dream Log Entry 138

There was a disturbing, bloody video that went viral. It showed a girl swearing at a boy and shoving him down the stairs at her school. I went to work at Wilbur's. The employees were wearing military uniforms and carrying knives. There wasn't much for me to do because there had been a sewage backup. Jeff was surprised that I knew most of the lyrics to a Danzig song. There was a power outage, but I was still able to help a customer find sparkling wine. Danny Trejo picked me up and drove me to our secret headquarters. I soul-danced while walking up to the door. Rosario Dawson was waiting inside.

Dream Log Entry 137

I went to a coffee shop. Just inside the door, I was surprised to see a group of girls beating up one of their own. They quickly stopped. The beaten girl had black hair and she was looking very gaunt. I remembered her from high school. Another girl from high school, a blonde, asked me for a ride home. She was carrying a plastic bag with a black ant inside. We walked through an old cemetery on the way to my car. I dropped her off and decided to visit my dad. He was cleaning his garage when I pulled up. I pointed out a very big spider. He tried to spray it with poison, but it jumped on his arm, burrowed under the skin, and came back out a few seconds later.


Dream Log Entry 136

I was getting ready for bed. I noticed the kitchen light switch was cracked in half and some of the bulbs were burned out. I felt dizzy because the floor was uneven. Everything in my room had been pushed to the left. I thought there must have been an earthquake. I went outside and saw work being done on the sewer. That must have been what made the ground shift. The house was starting to bulge and crack. I thought the house would collapse on me if I slept there, so I thought about finding a hotel.


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