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Dream Log Entry 5

I was driving to some hot springs in Wyoming but a woman was going the wrong way on the interstate and was causing everyone to swerve. A semi swerved into me and I woke up in a hospital.

Dream Log Entry 4

I met Liz at the movie theater and we watched two movies and then we went to a weird wizard-themed school-sponsored contest but that was stupid so we left early and went back to my place and listened to Aqua.

Dream Log Entry 3

Cats kept stealing the medal that I received at graduation and they wore it on their heads and I had to go outside at night and chase them to get it back from them.

Dream Log Entry 2

Greg and I were visiting France and some construction workers had just finished a building but Greg and I accidently caused it to explode on the inside. We became instant fugitives so Greg stole a blue compact car for us to get away in. Then Greg turned into a little blonde boy and I turned into a little blonde girl and Keanu Reeves was a French artist who was helping the police by making clay models of our faces.

Dream Log Entry 1

I went to a Fort Collins Burning Man festival with Seth and Cole. There were also many people from school and Sam, the drummer from Black Ops, said he would be there.


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