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Dream Log Entry 20

This dream was just like an episode of Medium mixed with Scooby‑Doo but without the stupid dad and the baby. The crime scene was 25 feet below my front yard and the case involved evil judges and crematorium workers.

Dream Log Entry 19

I was on a small plane headed for Europe. My dad called my cell and the pilot got very angry and took everyone’s electronic devices. Many landmarks were visible from the window like the Alps, the Colosseum, and the Eiffel Tower. I attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games at which Tila Tequila performed.

Dream Log Entry 18

I was climbing to a tree house with Bart and Lisa but we kept getting caught on the same branch near the top.

Dream Log Entry 17

My cat was playing in the toilet and accidentally got flushed. Then I went to King Soopers and bought liquid condoms and on the way out my back started to hurt so I couldn’t walk. Then I saw David waving to me from his car.


Dream Log Entry 16

Part One

While it was snowing there was lightning that looked like lava fireworks. My aunt was living in a small house. People trying to kill us chased us back there and we watched Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Part Two

I was in the cafeteria at Lesher Junior High arguing about handwriting with Michael and Ross. There were a bunch of people on the streets of Fort Collins in colorful robes who were stabbing each other, throwing rocks at each other, and making the ground bloody.


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