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Dream Log Entry 10

On my birthday, I was walking around the cafeteria in my dorm with a really nerdy guy. There were lots of good food and no people. We discovered that NOFX was playing in an adjacent room. The nerdy guy had never heard of them. NOFX had three members and each one was wearing a Marv costume. They finished playing and removed their costumes. One of the members was a female whom we proceeded to fuck.

Dream Log Entry 9

A man was swimming underwater with a mermaid. He was on his way to rob a huge bank in Chicago, where they also had a huge jail surrounded by sports stadiums. The mermaid told the man to calm giant amœba mothers by talking to them. Finally the man and the mermaid were alone, they were in love but they couldn't be together, because they could only communicate underwater. The man left to rob the bank and the sad mermaid felt lonely even though she was pregnant. Then I saw a bird with a long skinny neck that acted like a cat.

Dream Log Entry 8

I went to the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Boulder Reservoir. I was hanging out with a random girl and Mr. Lee was there doing scientific magic tricks for us. Ms. Graybill was there too. Later on I was walking down the street trying to make an acoustic remix of a Linkin Park song on my cell phone.

Dream Log Entry 7

There’s an old apartment building with an undead baby girl with a face painted like an antique doll. Her face is painted differently every time I visit. Someone seems to be painting a height chart for her, though she never appears to grow. I follow her around to various apartments and this time one had a screaming hairy brown dog with a face that had shockingly human features.

Dream Log Entry 6

I climbed to the top of a fourteener and then TomKat came up right after me so I wanted to be in a picture with them but my camera wasn't working very well.


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