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Dream Log Entry 115

I went to a large hotel in Calgary. There were places inside selling Barbies, Legos, and haircuts. I went to the free NHL game next door, Edmonton at Calgary. There were topless cheerleaders on the ice.

Dream Log Entry 114

I was staying in room 590 at the Brown Palace Hotel. My mom told me she once saw a ghost while staying in the same room. While showering, I pulled back the curtain and looked in the mirror. The reflection showed a bloody young woman showering in place of me. She had red hair. I got the impression that her name was Amber Brown.

Dream Log Entry 113

We were making Valentines in one of my college courses. We listened to Seal while we worked. I decided to put pink and black stripes on my Valentine. It took me a while to find the right kind of paper, but I knew mine would get the best grade.

Dream Log Entry 112

I went to China with Teena. We stayed at Nicole’s art space. Nicole had a boyfriend named Gaston. Will Ferrell lived and worked in the art space as a security guard. He had a beard and a Chinese wife. Teena and I decided to explore the city. Teena bought a medieval cone hat. Our phone’s GPS told us we were in Miami. In the cinema district, we saw a hologram of King Kong burning to death. There were also tree zombies who attacked you unless you kicked them in the nuts. Teena didn’t want to see any of the scary movies.

Dream Log Entry 111

I was living with my mom in downtown Denver. My dad came to stay with us one night. We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. I went to the grocery store the next day. Teena was there. We talked about the low-quality Mexican and Italian food at the store. My school was next to the grocery store. I noticed that Shira had signed up for a trip to Israel. The trip was for girls only.


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