Dream Log Entry 32

My dad and I were going to Target looking for sports stuff. We went inside but it was really a grocery store. There were many people from school shopping with their parents. I soon discovered that I worked there along with many other students and that a party was being held in our honor. Our very skinny teachers in their bizarre outfits made us wait in line for food. While in line the setting changed into a nighttime hot springs resort. Adjacent to the nearest pool was a fiery rectangular hole in the ground that talked and demanded road kill for food. People kept stuffing furniture in it but that didn't do anything. The hole discovered that one woman in the pool had received a skin transplant, it said she wouldn't be harmed if she crawled inside. She went inside and found herself in a virtual casino. The fiery hole had turned into a giant chameleon and said that this virtual casino was an exact replica of the one in Die Hard and that there are only two ways out: win, or die. Then the room transformed into a dark jungle room and I found myself watching a movie with my dad, step mom, and grandmother but my grandmother was really a small orange monkey and we started naming various television cops.