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Dream Log Entry 93

I was in the desert with my dad, my stepmom, Daniel, and a crowd of other people. We were gathered around a large empty fountain. A Pepsi truck started filling the fountain with water and kids started running counterclockwise around it in anticipation. This was how Water World opened its doors each day. The crowd made its way into the main park, which was mountainous and forested. Daniel didn’t want to go on the dinosaur or mine rides because there were new rides built into the sides of the mountains. There were life-sized castles and cathedrals and there was even a nudist section.


Dream Log Entry 85

Part One

I was outside of an office building trying to film myself levitating. The gravel was deep yet sparse so it was hard to find a spot where the camera would have a good view of my feet. After a while Gabe said he would get down on the ground and film me. There were a bunch of people there who thought it was impossible for me to levitate. I had to take off all my clothes to prove to them that I wasn’t using any wires. I tried to levitate starting from rubbery ground but that didn’t work so I moved over to cement. After a few failed attempts I was able to focus my energy and hover to the roof of the building on the other side of the courtyard.

Part Two

I was visiting California with Scott. We saw the ocean and then we went to an amusement park. We went on water slides that were supposed to hurt your legs and then we played a game that involved doing your own laundry. Some people were taking showers at the amusement park and a dark-haired girl talked to the woman at the desk and asked her where the wax was in French. A few days later I found myself trapped in some random guy’s house and I tricked his kids into letting me escape. He chased me all over the neighborhood. He probably would’ve caught me if he hadn’t gotten eaten by a giant monster made of zombie testicles.


Dream Log Entry 83

There was a church surrounded by a moat. I went on a tour of the church and there was a service in progress on the other side of some windows. It seemed like a cult but it was very dark and hazy in the central area so it was hard to tell exactly which rituals were performed. One of the tourists said there were people hanging upside down from the ceiling. An ideological war broke out. People were fighting in the moat and they were getting very muddy. Police showed up and diffused the situation. The muddy people went into another building to take showers. There was a skinny girl who was drying off and I tried to have sex with her standing up but she pushed me away.


Dream Log Entry 75

My aunt got 30 new pools in her backyard but her customers were not pleased because only one of them was clothing-optional. Then everyone at the pool got into teams and dressed up like ancient warriors. Daniel and I were on the Roman team. The battle began and our heads were chopped off almost instantly. Our spirits decided to go to a nearby building that was supposedly haunted by celebrity ghosts. The interior was dazzling, the walls and floors were in constant motion. There was some kind of secret church service going on and typewriters were the only form of communication.

Dream Log Entry 34

There was an evil lemur in my backyard so I tried to catch it in a pet carrier which was hard because it could jump like eight feet from the tree to the roof and back again. Then a bunch of other people caught what looked like giant gray animal-blood sucking naked men and I found out that the thing in my backyard was a young version of those. They had also caught smaller giants that were more adult male looking who kept asking to be set free. The whole thing was like Brotherhood of the Wolf except with giant versions of the monsters in The Descent.


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