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Dream Log Entry 69

Part One

Daniel, Greg, Scott, and Teena each had their own rooms at my dad’s house. Daniel complained about my dad’s behavior and played with Piglet dolls. Greg played games on his PSP, and Scott drank sparkling wine. Teena hid herself in her room most of the time.

Part Two

I watched a movie called Faith with Scott. It was about a ghost who gets impregnated by God. Every time the ghost sees a fountain she jumps in and lifts up her skirt.

Part Three

I was dining with a middle-aged man in a busy restaurant. I told him about the movie I watched, which greatly offended him. He carried me down the stairs and threw me out of the restaurant. There was an old phone attached to the side of the building so I used it to try and get a different table, this time with two strangers. They served me pink and yellow steak while I was standing at the bar.

Dream Log Entry 65

I was driving around Boulder with my dad and we saw a bunch of people standing outside the high school. I noticed parts of the building had crumbled and I wondered if there had been an explosion. I realized there had been an earthquake when I saw what condition the road was in. We made it back home to discover that our Asian relatives were visiting. We were in the kitchen making sandwiches when the aftershock started rocking the house. Then there was something about the first kid in space.


Dream Log Entry 64

I went to a Colorado Avalanche game with my mom and they lost 18-6 but the South Park kids were sitting next to us and Cartman kept talking about how awesome fortune cookies are and how he wants thousands of them at his wedding. There was supposed to be ice dancing after the hockey game but we left before that and Cartman made sure my mom didn’t forget her purse.


Dream Log Entry 62

There was a poacher in my backyard who was hunting monkey-sloths. I rescued one and I wanted to keep it as a pet but it kept trying to escape because I couldn’t find any bugs or fruit for it to eat.

Dream Log Entry 57

In the Gobi desert a woman killed a horse with the fetus inside. The fetus tried to escape but the woman forced it to eat part of its dead mother. Then the fetus was chopped up and served as a delicacy.


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